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We’re providing comprehensive care of our customers’ facilities. Our employees are well proven with many years of successful service and experience in the international arena.

Our main goal is scrupulous management of industrial and office buildings as well as outdoor areas. We’re offering complete service and consulting, ensuring smooth operation of all facilities.


The main objective of Deal&Win is to provide service of the highest quality using the latest technology and trained staff. Quality means for us to manage and act with ease, discernment and vision.

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We’re providing comprehensive care of industrial and office buildings as well as outdoor areas.

Facility Management
Cleaning Services
Landscaping Services
Work at Height
Additional Services

Facility Management

We’re effectively providing comprehensive operation of properties.
We coordinate and supervise safe operation of our clients’ facilities.
  • preparation of all necessary documentation
  • participation in taking facilities takeover
  • emergency service
  • maintenance – normal operation, maintenance
  • service – engineer (air conditioning, heating, lifts etc.)
  • specialist (inspector, fire specialist etc.)
  • specialist for safety inspections
  • electrician, handyman
  • prophylactic tour for measurement and control
  • prophylactic tour for access to the building
  • prophylactic examination CCTV
  • servicing of boilers
  • cooling service
  • air prophylaxis
  • servicing and inspection of lifting equipment, rolling shutters
  • sliding gates prophylaxis
  • revision of gas appliances
  • revision of the pressure equipment
  • revision of chimneys
  • calculation of emissions
  • review of fire extinguishers
  • revision of hydrants
  • inspection of fire doors closures
  • power engineering environment
  • safety inspection preparation – documentation (single) and employee training
  • engineering

Cleaning Services

Comprehensive care of the tidiness at your facilities using top-quality technologies.
We provide specialized cleaning performance and cleaning technologies.

Regular Cleaning

  • office buildings
  • industrial objects

Occasional Cleaning

  • window cleaning
  • contingency and emergency cleaning
  • cleaning at construction sites
  • wet carpet cleaning (with extractor, or depth of shampooing)
  • wet cleaning of chairs and seats
  • special cleaning
  • cleaning of technologies
  • ultrasonic cleaning of vertical blinds
  • deep cleaning of floors – filling of PVC flooring with trade dispersions by removing old layers (waxing)
  • cleansing of heavily soiled concrete floors
  • cleaning of marble and granite with applying a protective dispersions

Landscaping Services

We provide grass cutting and maintenance of grasslands.
We also provide professional quality services using modern technology and trained personnel.

Summer Maintenance

  • mulching and mowing of lawns
  • planting of greens
  • realization of gardens
  • lawns cleaning
  • pruning of trees and shrubs
  • fertilizing / spraying – weed control
  • waste collection

Winter Maintenance

  • snow cleaning through mechanisms
  • manual snow cleaning
  • defrosting of ice
  • salting
  • snow removal

Work at Height

We are performing all kinds of cleaning, maintenance, engineering and painting services at heights using rope access systems.
  • vacuuming, pipe washing, cleaning of electrical wiring, lighting, electric distributors, building constructions, ventilation systems (used at customer facilities where there’s fire hazard from dust, or in facilities where the customer depends on a clean working environment for employees)
  • washing of windows, skylights, glass panes and facades
  • clearance works (factory chimneys, demolition of buildings and roofs)
  • structural repairs (outer shells of chimneys, installation of lightning rods, roofing and windows, trade platforms and railings, roofs and downspouts, masonry work at heights, sealing prefabricated buildings)
  • paints and sprays (fire hazard, metal, high-capacity cranes, concrete tanks and pipes, chimneys warning signs, advertisements)

Additional Services

We take care of every little detail to make sure you are not forgetting something.
  • health services (toilet paper, hand towels, air fresheners, soaps, industrial wipes)
  • mat rental service
  • service with a cotton cloth
  • rodent control, disinfestation and disinfection
  • washing of cloths, towels, curtains and drapes
  • rental of working clothes
  • waste management
  • retail of professional cleaners over the internet

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